A Wednesday Holiday?

Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED to have a holiday and a day off work.  It’s just that I cannot remember ever having a holiday occur in the middle of the week.  Even counting Thanksgiving although I have had jobs that also give the Friday after off as a holiday as well.

So I googled it.  The last time the 4th of July was on a Wednesday was in 2010.  That was a helluva long time ago.  Honestly I cannot even remember where I was working in 2010 (which may be an indication of job hopping but at least I stayed for at least 4-5 years at each one).

I had this conversation with my husband.  His reply was “Well, you really can’t make the 4th of July holiday always occur on the first Monday in July.”  Yeah, I got that. It just seems so weird to me that I am going to work Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday for the holiday and then back to work Thursday and Friday.

And then there is the whole fireworks thing.  So when officially would you set off fireworks?  I heard some last weekend and I would assume I will hear more on Wednesday.  But would the holiday also span into this coming weekend?  I mean, since the holiday is on a Wednesday it could conceivably fall over two weekends and who doesn’t want beer, hotdogs and live ammunition blowing up in the sky over two whole weekends!

I especially liked the days where we could go to other states and get the “special fireworks.” One of the nice things about living in rural Ohio was that there was plenty of room for all the fireworks.  Our current neighbor has this small cannon. He set it off one night and it made a helluva loud bang. I mean, loud enough that the cops were called.  Not by us, though.  We told him our family DOES. NOT. CALL. COPS.  His cannon was very impressive though. I wonder if we can talk him into shooting it off again today.

The 4th of July holiday is always hard on pets.  We have always made our cat stay inside on this holiday as well as Halloween.  Just to be safe. Besides as quick as Boca-cat runs into my bedroom closet when he hears thunder, a bunch of loud firecracker noise is not something he enjoys.  We also used to have this problem with little Casey.  As soon as he heard any fireworks, he would start with the low ferocious growl (which is adorable coming from an 8-pound Yorkie) to the hell bent barking when it got really loud.  We all would say “Shut up, Casey” which of course did absolutely nothing. Today at age 16, Casey is deaf so can’t hear a thing.  Don’t get me wrong, he still goes outside and barks daily.  It’s just that no one knows what he is barking at anymore.  But he is happy and that is all that counts.

So I guess I will sleep in on Wednesday. My husband will probably BBQ something if it isn’t horribly hot out. Lawn has been mowed so that chore is off the to-do list. Not that there isn’t a boat load more yardwork that needs to be done but it is a holiday, after all.  And everyone knows that yard work should only be done on the weekend.

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