She Grew Up and Left Home

My daughter moved out (again).  But it’s different this time.  I am pretty sure that she really, really means it.  So I have to totally accept the fact that:

  1. She will never ask me to clean her bathroom again.  Or offer me money until I agree to clean it.
  2. I will have to haul all our fur babies to the groomers and vet myself.
  3. I can no longer get an employee discount at the retail shoe store where she used to work.
  4. I won’t have to quiz her for tests. Or review all her papers. Or explain the concept of Cogito, ergo sum.
  5. I can no longer guilt her into running out at 8 pm to buy me ice cream.
  6. My husband has changed his spot in the driveway to where she used to park her car.
  7. I lost my gym partner.
  8. She has moved out. Forever.  And ever.

I was really good, too. Because I truly am super excited to see her fly away and be free!  She graduated college and decided to move to a different state.  I was a little teary but good.  And I thought I was funny as hell when she texted me during the move and my response was “Can’t text now, am sobbing because my only daughter left me.”  She didn’t think it was funny at all but I was just trying to be that super cool and supportive mom. You know, don’t worry about me, go live your life and be happy.

Today was a kind of hard day.  Woke up feeling melancholy and teary.  My wonderful husband gathered me in his arms and kissed my forehead.  He looked lovingly in my eyes and said, “She just grew up and left home.  It’s okay.”  (Well, in my mind that is how it went but in all honesty he was probably a little irritated when he said it).

So it’s all good. And now I get to put all my focus on the youngest child to fly and be free.  I think we have different ideas of exactly what that concept means.

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