Vacation Notes – Part II

While using the restroom at the Orlando Airport, I overheard a little girl (4ish years old) ask her mom: “Do you think Minnie Mouse will like me?” Her awesome mom replied, “Why of course she will! You are so nice and kind everyone at Disney will like you. Especially the princesses!” Can we all say Awwwww together?

The hotel we stayed at had 28 floors. It was fun to ride to the top with my nieces and nephew on the glass elevator.  Then they left.  I tried to get my husband to ride to the top with me.  He refused.  Until I told him I needed a picture for my blog.

28th floor

Kroger vs. Publix

The debate rages on about which is better.  But I think I have come to a final decision. Publix is better.  Their carts push easier.

Had a wonderful time chillin’ in the ocean with my nephew-in-law, Rudy.  He had never been to the FL Keys before.  He asked if there were alligators.  I assured him there were never in the ocean.  And then I was super nice and didn’t tell him about the sharks.

Palm Tree

I never, ever get tired of seeing Florida Palm Trees!


We had a great time visiting with family while in Orlando.  So there we were, all 11 of us (mostly children) and then they closed the pool. There are only so many times you can take the elevator to the 28th floor.





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