LWL Musings #12

  • I had to text my son to ask him what year he graduated from high school.  And then I felt bad because as his mom, I probably should already know that.  But I didn’t. With all that guilt I probably will never forget now.  On a positive note once I know one kid’s graduation year, I can figure out the other.
  • Sometimes when I come across those stories on the Internet about the worst bridesmaid dresses, or ugliest 80’s hairstyle or People of Walmart, I sometimes think that I am going to click on the next picture and see myself in an embarrassing photo.
  • I told my husband I needed to buy new bras. He told me to go shopping this weekend and get them.  Silly man. I guess he just doesn’t realize that it takes at least 3 months to talk my mind into doing that.
  • I have always had going to Burning Man on my bucket list.  Except I was looking at their website on all the rules and they said you were only allowed to bring 1-ply toilet paper.  Yep, not going.
  • Ran across these two pictures from people trying to sell their house:House for sale1Dead House for Sale

For some reason I don’t think they listened to their real estate agent.

  • For the life of me I get songs from Foreigner and Journey mixed up.  I know them all, I just can’t tell who sings them.  Which is really irritating to my husband who knows everything about all the bands.  And don’t even ask me if the song is by Boy George or George Michael.

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