My Learning Curve

After much whining and complaining, I finally have an iPhone.  I decided I needed to move from my android to an iPhone after having four different people tell me how much easier an iPhone is to operate. (Which is probably telling of itself if four people had to even make that comment to me, right?)

My husband quickly informed me that with this new phone, I have lost any and all tech support from him and will now have to contact my daughter.  And since I can now facetime with her, that alone is totally worth it.

But now I have to learn a new phone. Which includes a bit of a learning curve which recently included being cursed at by a stranger.

What started this whole ordeal was a text message from a long term contact that I had not heard from in forever.  I was so excited to get the message along with a new contact phone number! However, when I went to update my contact information, I dialed her old number by mistake. And immediately hung up.  I mean, after a nano-second. Oops.  New phone and all.

Sure enough, within two minutes I had a call back.

“You just called me.” After a couple of statements, I realized that this was NOT my friend but some stranger who obviously now had my friend’s old defunct phone number.

I was not rude, but only made the comment: “Wow, you know you don’t have to call back a number you don’t recognize.”

The response I received was a bit over the top: “Bitch, you called me you stupid ass.”

Okay, then.

But obviously this caller could not end it there.  I also received a text message that stated: “You called my phone you dumb cunt.” Now, I seriously do not condone such language and the word “cunt” is among the top of my most hated words.  Yet there it was.  In Text.  To me.

So it is reasonable on my end to want to block this old, defunct phone number to avoid being called bad words. (However, I did text back “I’m sorry” as proof that I am absolutely NOT that word).

I called my daughter who quickly showed me how to block the number.  Click on the icon, scroll down to block and “Block this caller.”

So I think I have this issue resolved and will be more careful about sharing my feelings to strangers.  Besides, as I was trying to figure out to block her number, I inadvertently dialed it three more times.



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