Bad Boca or Good Boca?

It never fails. The quicker you need to get out of the house in the morning to get to work, something comes up.  And of course it is all about the cat.  Everyone knows you can’t get out of the house without feeding Boca wet cat food. I mean, you can but you also have to face the consequences of what he will do to whoever is left at home.  And it is relentless.

Well, I wouldn’t have to meow and scratch and carry on out here in the hallway if she had taken the time to feed me my Fancy Feast Shrimp Fiesta dinner.  But NOOOOOO!

Well, this morning I was running late.  I grabbed my stuff and was about to open the door to the garage when I noticed the “Boca Hunt Position” from the corner of my eye.  So here is my dilemma:  Pretend I didn’t see it and leave.  Or address the situation. With a heavy sigh, I put all my stuff back on the counter and proceeded to work the hunt.  Of course saying “Bad Boca” just reinforces the issue but you still have to say it as I leaned over in search of whatever critter Boca had captured.  And you never know if it is something that was already in the house (Good Boca) or something he had brought into the house through the pet door (Bad Boca).

It didn’t take long before Boca caught the small mouse.  I was so good – didn’t shriek or curse or anything. Because I was PREPARED!  As soon as Boca caught it, I yelled at him to DROP IT and immediately caught it using an empty plastic container (Of course, I put the wet mop thingys in a plastic zip lock bag).

Then I had to put a book on top to make sure after I left Boca wouldn’t get it again.  And left it for my husband.

Boca Mouse

Then I went to work. An hour or so later, I got this message:

Boca mouse text

I was pretty proud of myself.  Boca is 14 years old now – I guess that would be considered middle age for a cat.  But he will forever be king of the house.

Oh yeah, don’t let my husband know he took a nap on top of his clean laundry…

Boca sleeping

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