No More Hallmark Movies for me!

My girlfriend lives for the Christmas Hallmark movies.  She was so excited that I thought I would give it a try.  She even texted me the Hallmark movie schedule.  So I spent 10 minutes looking for the damn channel amongst all my other cable channels and started recording some of them. (Not being able to fast forward through commercials would be a deal breaker for me).  But I just couldn’t.  Because here are ALL the plots for EVERY Hallmark Movie:

  • Someone will have amnesia
  • They are single because their partner died – NEVER Divorce
  • Someone is going to agree to relocate by the end of the movie
  • The first kiss will be interrupted- twice
  • There will be a snow storm
  • There will be a misunderstanding

Seriously, I tried.  I really did.




Okay, so it is official.  I am officially banned and can no longer watch any Hallmark movies.  I am okay with that.



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