An Adult Christmas

And I don’t mean that in a porn sort of way but that I decided to take a few liberties this Christmas.  Because when there are only adults in your house for Christmas, you have opportunities.

It started with the Christmas tree.  We were on vacation the week before Christmas.  By the time we got back and settled it was less than a week before Christmas.  Which made we think:  “Did we really need to put the tree up?” We would have to go into the attic, haul down the tree plus 3 or 4 totes full of Christmas stuff to decorate it and then spend the time to put it up and well, that is work.  To me anyway.  So I took the initiative and told my husband we were skipping putting up the tree.  He called me a Grinch and was not happy but secretly I think he was relieved too.  I promised him we would not be “totally treeless.”  I had no plan at the time but I could figure it out.

So here is our Christmas this year:

Christmas 2018

And just in case you missed my promised Christmas tree – here is a closer view:

2018 Christmas Tree

BTW, don’t buy it for an air freshener – it most certainly does not smell all wintery pine as promised.

But I wasn’t done yet.  Now, when we got back from vacation, my husband decided to go ahead and take off the rest of the month of December.  Let that sink in. Yes, let’s go ahead and just take a whole month for vacation.   Because we can, right?  Well, I couldn’t. And seeing as I was the one having to work, I immediately decided that having Christmas on Tuesday was not going to work for my schedule.  We would have it on Sunday instead which worked much better for me.  I did have a four-day weekend with the holiday but why wait and go crazy on Tuesday just to get up and go to work on Wednesday?  Sunday was much better.  We would do Christmas on Sunday, have leftovers on Monday.  Bean soup from the ham bone on Tuesday and R-E-L-A-X on Tuesday, the 25th. (Sometimes I am so smart I am beside myself).

So that is exactly what we did.  Christmas came a little early for us this year.  And when I found out that my son had eaten all my dinner rolls, the good part was that the store was open.  And it was a great Christmas:

I ate only the cherries:

Christmas Cherries

Abbey didn’t know what to do with a dog treat shaped like a gingerbread man:

Abbey Christmas treat

My girlfriend had sent me my Christmas gift.  When I told her we were opening gifts on Sunday she told me I had to wait until “the official” Christmas day to open it.  I would have ignored her but her birthday is today (Christmas eve day) and I feel bad for anyone who has a birthday close to Christmas so I didn’t.  It had better be a damn good gift for making me wait though.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Enjoy being with family and friends and if you have to celebrate Christmas tomorrow and then be at work Wednesday morning, well just know that if there are no kids around – you can fake it, too.

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  1. Merry Christmas Lori and family!

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