Pina Colada, Pot and Throw Up

We recently went on a cruise for vacation. We promised our daughter a cruise in the Caribbean after she received her degree.  My husband is the A++ travel agent.  If he is planning the trip, rest assured everything will go smoothly. No hassles, no headaches, no issues. Seriously, he is the best trip planner ever!

In the process, we discussed going on a shore excursion he thought we should take with Christina and her boyfriend.  It was one we had done before and enjoyed but I thought it was super expensive.  In arguing with me that we should do it, he sent me a link.  It included this picture:

Cruise Pic

When I opened the link I was incredulous that my husband would go to all this trouble just to get me to agree.  Because, in the picture above is myself and my husband from when we did this two years ago.

So I sent him an email:  “I know you really want to go but don’t you think you went a little overboard?”

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“The picture!  You really went to all that trouble to use a picture of us on the advertisement just so I would agree to go?”

“What?!” he replied.

“The. Picture.  It is of us.”

He didn’t believe me.  So then I had to send the picture to our kids and asked them if that were us.  They both agreed.  However, my husband still had to pull out the underwater photos from the trip and compare them.  Yep.  I was right.

But it wasn’t him.  The Grand Cayman Sea Trek actually used a photo of us on their online advertising.  The whole thing was just super weird.  And then we didn’t even get to go since they cancelled the visit due to high waves.

When we returned from vacation and everyone asked how the cruise was, I got my standard reply down to less than 1 minute:

“We had one-half day of sunshine.  My daughter and her boyfriend insisted on drinking the $840 they spent on the all you can drink alcohol package which meant they would drink one day and then be hungover the next.  On a bonus note, all my pina coladas were free.  I was offered pot in Jamaica, which I politely turned down but was impressed they offered and the seas were 6 feet on the last two days which meant a lot of travelers were barfing.  I never knew barf bags could be so conveniently located.  I was fine.  I felt like I was in a free carnival ride the whole time and never slept better.  I got all my Christmas shopping completed in Mexico including Patron tequila that was only $17 a bottle. ”

I can’t wait until New Year’s Eve.


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