Calling Triple Tay

I know my daughter called me this morning because she was pissed and upset.  And I tried to be empathic, I really did.  But I just couldn’t get past her first statement:

“Mom! My car got stuck in the snow at the edge of the driveway!”

Now, this definitely brought back some pretty good memories of my shoveling out our long-ass driveway in Ohio when we lived there. Including one of my most favorite memories when she refused to help me shovel so I proceeded to throw all the snow on top of her car in the driveway until it was completely covered in snow. Now, while I personally never got my car stuck in the snow I am sure it is not a nice place to be.

But at the end of your driveway?  Really?

In fairness, Christina did tell me that she didn’t think her car would make it over the snow bank that the street plow had piled up in front of her house.  But of course that doesn’t mean you don’t try, right?  So she got stuck.  In an ironic kind of way her boyfriend is a county worker who actually has to plow the roads so he was of no help to her this morning.  But of course that did not stop her from calling him.  And being the kind of guy that he is, he sent his brother to shovel her out.

Mind you, I am getting this whole story while she is safely ensconced inside her warm house with no need to be inconvenienced or cold. So yeah, I laughed.  And then she did, too.  Because it was funny.

Then she set me off all over again when she told me that she called her boss to tell him she was stuck and would be late to work and he asked her if she had a shovel. Seriously? So Christina answered by saying, “No, I do not have a shovel.”  Because she was damned if she would shovel her car out.  And then she clarified for me: “Mom, I have high heels on.”  Wasn’t going to argue with that.

So Taylor arrived (“Did someone call Triple Tay?”  I thought that was pretty damn funny as well.)

I told Christina she may want to be more proactive in the future which I am sure she translated to mean that she needed to proactively make sure her boyfriend shovels out the driveway before he leaves for work. Or do a plow drive by when he gets to work.  Not exactly what I had in mind but okay.

I don’t live where it snows.  I learned my lesson.

One response to “Calling Triple Tay

  1. I LOVE the triple Tay. Yep she needs to move south.

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