Continued Commuter Complaints

I truly do not mind my 45 to 1.5 hour commute each way to work.  Thinking back, I pretty much have had a long commute for the majority of all my jobs.  What I am feeling is the pure frustration that comes from living in many different states, and knowing what it SHOULD be like when sharing a highway with others.

It probably comes down to driver’s education. To be frank, I am old which means I learned how to drive in high school.  Which I realize was not 100% effective given the fact that I greatly struggle with backing up.  I hear “beep, beep, beep” every time my car is in reverse and even the invention of the back up camera has had little impact.  The major result of this is that my husband was the primary parent to teach both our kids to drive.  And he was good at it.  When both our kids took their state driving exam, the DMV testers asked them where they went to driving school.  And I know it was a pain being in a car with their dad early every Sunday morning at the empty mall parking lot but I can also proudly say that they can both back up a hell of lot better than their mom.

My complaint is that in this state not only is there no high school driving class, but it isn’t even required at all to get a driver’s license. Yep. Just show up and drive a little and get that little card of authority to drive on the highway and piss my ass off.  It is that simple.

Which means they do not understand the left lane rule.  Or believe that as long as they are going 1.2 miles faster than the middle lane, they have every right to camp out in the left lane just to irritate me.   Or even worse — when I do pass them I get to see their bright lights shining in my rear view mirror.  I will see use of a blinker MAYBE 14% of the time (I am being very generous) and during rain I have learned that if I wish to stay alive I will drive 60 mph in the right lane.

And then I came to work and found this:

car slip

The scary part is that there is a steep drop off in my work parking lot.  And I know there was ice that day but how??  On a positive note, despite being a full parking lot, everyone left the two spaces on either side empty for the tow truck.  They were very polite about that.

So I am doomed to my commute. My husband said he is going to purchase a dash camera which is a good idea because if I get in a wreck, it would definitely not be my fault.  But he may need to rethink the audio.  There might be a small problem with cursing.

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