Working at the Dog Wash

Instead of my usual Valentine’s Day complaint, I am going to switch it up and talk about something somewhat related.  Giving Abbey a bath.  And the reason this is clearly connected to Valentine’s Day is because of the comment my husband recently made:

“You shower with the dog more than you shower with me.”

Abbey gets a tubby because she doesn’t smell as good as my husband.  And you always know when it is time for Abbey to have a bath.  She gets way too comfy in her bed in the living room and the dog aroma is just over powering.


We went through a lot of trouble to get a non-slide suction tub mat which never got used simply because Abbey will have absolutely nothing to do with climbing into a tub.  Any Tub. Nope.  Not going to happen.  You have to pick up her limp body and put her in there.  And she is so miserable. I have no idea what happened in her past life but a tub has somehow left some bad memories.

And then I discovered that all I had to do is open the door to our walk-in shower and she comes bounding in with no problem.  The first time I was not quite prepared but she sure smelled great using my husband’s expensive green tea aromatic cleansing shampoo.  Not wanting to repeat that, we now have dog shampoo permanently in our shower.

I do have to prepare for this:

Abbey bath

Because she absolutely soaks the entire bathroom.  But then she is all done and we don’t have to call her “Stinky Dog” anymore.

Abbey bath2

I can personally attest to the fact that dog shampoo is not that bad.  Because it does look quite a bit like my regular shampoo.

And don’t worry about how I am going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.  I was super stoked to find some throw away paper hearts in the trash at work last week.


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