Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a great idea!  The El Paso Zoo has this great promotion going on where they will name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to a meerkat. 

“The zoo asked people on Facebook to name a cockroach after their ex. “Message us your ex’s name and we’ll name a cockroach after them!” the Feb. 4 post read.

Three days later, the zoo posted it had received such a great response, it would “spread the love” to more than just its meerkats. Cotton-top tamarins, golden tamarins and white-headed marmosets will also get to chow down on insects on Valentine’s Day.

Finally, on Sunday, the zoo wrote it would have to stop accepting names of exes due to the “overwhelming response” it received for the promotion.

Whoever thought of this exceptional marketing plan deserves an award.

El Paso Bug


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