LWL Musings #56

I probably should feel guilty because I called off work and took a vacation day.  A whole day to myself!  Until I got this text message from my son:

text lunch

Everyone knows that when I get infinite lives with Best Fiends – it’s going to be awhile before I get up.  Unlike my husband, when I take a day off it isn’t to work on house projects.  My whole agenda includes sleeping in, getting caught up on my recorded shows and binge watching Netflix.

  • This may be a repeat but worth it:  Driving on the highway one day I saw a personalized license plate that  said “KY MAN.”  OMG, I said to my husband. Who would want a license plate with personal lube on it.  Then he told me it meant the state.
  • So we recently had some pretty bad rain and storms.  My husband closely monitored the weather reports and radar and told me I needed to leave for work super early to miss the worse of it.  The next morning he was up at 6 am getting ready and was at his office way before the downfall came. Me?  I woke up, heard the rain and called in late for work.  I swear he is just so over ambitious sometimes.
  • When my son wants something from me and I am in the bedroom, I have learned that I can put him off for almost an hour by telling him I am not dressed.

I am still doing pretty damn good adhering to a grocery list.  Until I had to ask what “Havy” was:

text grocery list



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