Let’s Talk About Armpit Hair

In my defense, this was suggested by my son, Michael.  We had a ton of errands to do last week and of course our conversation turned to shaving my armpit hair (I mean, isn’t that a topic of conversation that all mom’s have with their 20-something year old sons?)

So I was recently quite surprised to discover that my armpit hair was totally out of control.  Since shaving is not something I typically do during the 9-10 months of winter, I honestly had just totally overlooked that area of my body.  Of course when I realized how derelict I was in this job duty, I immediately set out to correct it. First issue was trying to locate my razor which had not been used in months.  Not being successful in that, it took me another two weeks to remember to purchase a razor and shaving cream at the store. And then a week after that to move it from the bag sitting on the kitchen table to the shower.

But it finally all came together and I was ready to tackle the issue.  It was awful.  I swear, the hair was so long it constantly got tangled up in the stupid tiny feminine women’s razor. I mean, if I had really thought this out, I would have been better prepared with the heavy duty 5- inch economy size.  After numerous tries I decided I had given it my best shot and was done.

I still had my legs to do. Except I got distracted with playing with the shaving cream. I don’t care how old you are – when you squirt out that foaming glob of white you just want to play with it and totally forget the work part.  But I finally did.  This was much easier.  I think it’s because my leg hair gave up about 18 years old ago just quit growing.

Shaving Pic

So now I plan on being much more proactive and promised myself I would never neglect this part of my bathroom hygiene again.  Additionally, I should also cut my toenails before they draw blood. And I promised my husband I would quit grabbing the toilet paper when I need to wipe off hair dye.  Because it leaves these really brown marks all over.  I was pretty impressed that he figured that one out himself.

When I dye my hair, I also clean my bathroom.  Because what else do I have to do while waiting 25 minutes?  Except I am in love with the cleaning spray for the shower.  How easy is that? Spray and walk away.  I know I need to do more but then I remember the plan that we are going to replace our plastic shower with a nice new tiled one.  Then again, my husband was the last one who super cleaned the whole bathroom when he fixed the toilet.  Too bad it’s not broken like every month or so.

And just to bring this back to my son:  When I tell him to clean his bathroom, it does not mean you just remove all the beer cans and hang up the towels that are laying on the floor.  We need to work on that.

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