An Issue with Socks

This is me:

Sock Blog2

I really have no idea why I struggle with socks.  I mean, I just got about 10 new pairs from my girlfriend for my birthday in November and here it is March and I have NO matching socks. (For the record, I wear boots so no one will see them.  Unless I have to go to the Emergency Department and if that is the case, I am pretty sure I won’t give a rats ass that my socks do not match).

I honestly do not know what happens to them all.  I put them in a drawer with other stuff and they just disappear.  I am totally not like my husband who has said to me a gazillion times:  “I put all my socks in the wash and will always have complete pairs of socks afterwards.  There will be no missing socks.”  Which is a true statement as long as I do not wash his socks.  Because he will then have a leftover. I think it is a gift.

And here is his sock drawer:

Sock Blog

Do you know what I could do with a whole drawer that is totally wasted on socks?  I definitely would not use it for that.  But despite my quite polite request, he said no.  He said it was because I already have three drawers more than he does AND the bigger closet.  I sure wish men would just quit using that argument.  Totally annoying.

I am glad the weather is getting warmer. Because then I can wear knee-high hose. Which is totally dispensable.  I can purchase a 20-pack at Walmart every month and never have an issue.  Until winter comes, of course.

And Karen, please send more socks for my birthday this year.  Thank you.


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