My Man Skills

There was a recent quiz on  “Are your ‘Man Skills’ Above Average? Take the test and find out!  So of course I had to take the test even though I already know I excel in man skills.


  • When hanging a picture, you look for a ____in the wall. (Stud)
  • When hiking, what should you wear to avoid snake bites? (Stud.  To carry you. Duh).
  • What is the bottom of a paddle for a canoe called?  (The first choice was Shaft.  I didn’t make it past that answer)
  • In poker, will two pair beat three of a kind?  (That’s what she said)
  • How do you avoid getting tired and drowning if stuck in water without a personal flotation device? (Grab a Stud – Wait. Is that is considered a personal flotation device?)
  • How do you pour beer into a cup?  (I am not even going to answer; this is a complete affront to my manliness)
  • With hands-only CPR, you should push where?  Possible answers are:  Stomach, Chest, Throat, and Forehead.  I would have to ask a clarifying question:  Do you like the person you are trying to save?
  • When changing a flat tire, what should you do before raising the car? (Call a Stud).
  • A compass needle always points where?  (To the Stud)

I am really good at these!

  • Where should you look when shaking hands?  (Depends on how uncomfortable you want him to feel…)
  • What should you use to start a fire?  (Correct answer is Tinder but then I got confused because I was looking for a stud on tinder).
  • Where should you kick a door to knock it down?  (Depends on how studly the guy is on the other side)
  • When ironing a shirt, the shirt should be what?  (On a stud – Correction – DAMP stud)
  • What should you use to clean a grill?  (The stud from next door)

Seriously, I only missed one question about football.  I am just amazed how easy it was to incorporate the word stud into this quiz.  Maybe I should find the female counterpart test and see if I can do the same with the word Vixen or Babe Cake or Fox.  (And yes, I had to google “What is the female equivalent to stud?” and then I was offended when Slut came up).

So I guess I will have to create my own version. Then again maybe not since it would probably have to include questions about housework.




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