LWL Musings #68

  • I had just finished chopping a bunch of parsley and thyme and then had to drop off my son. While we were in the car I asked him to smell my fingers (because, honestly they smelled really, really good!)  He said no.


  • Went to a motel recently and they had this in their lobby:Vagina Rug

(And now I have a picture titled “Vagina Rug” on my computer).

  • I took an online test called “What is your True Mental Age?”  Evidently mine is 12.


  • I purchased 20 candy bars to give to my staff.  Unfortunately I left them in my car while I went to a meeting before work. They melted.  I so wish I could say that I did not eat 20 melted candy bars…


  • (April 15, 2019) DEAR MISS MANNERS: May I call my doctors, including dentists, by their first names? I have been their patient for almost 20 years.

    GENTLE READER: And therefore you feel you are on the same terms with them as others with whom you take off your clothes or welcome into your mouth?

    Miss Manners does not recommend dispensing with the formality of professional relationships, which makes that useful distinction.

    BAM!  She nailed it!



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