Entrepreneur at Age 7

There was a recent article on Reddit which asked parents what was the most stupid reason they received a phone call from the school regarding their children.  My favorite was a comment from a mom who said their 7-year-old son got in trouble for selling imaginary friends to first graders for $1.00 each.

I thought that was pretty ingenious and his parents should be pretty impressed.  Which reminds me of a story about my kids when they were around the same age.

I was a Girl Scout Leader and every year you have the much anticipated Girl Scout cookie sale.  One year I ended up having to be the “cookie mom” which meant we had hundreds of cookie boxes stacked in my dining room at home. Toward the end of the sale season, I ended up with a number of unsold cookies.  I moved them into the bottom of the pantry and there they sat.

Months later, my kids ended up with some money.  Knowing that a 7 and 9-year-old was too young to be gainfully employed, it wasn’t hard to get them to confess that they took all the unsold Girl Scout cookies from the pantry, stacked them in their little red wagon and sold them in the neighborhood.  All. Of.  Them.  And they had a pretty good stash of money for their efforts.  My daughter was pretty quick to throw her brother under the bus that it was his idea and I am pretty sure she was right.  But it also showed that she didn’t exactly shut the idea down, either.

So here I am trying to be a good parent with two elementary kids who have $60 and no way to know how to give the money back to the unsuspecting neighbors who purchased old, stale Girl Scout cookies.  Ultimately I made sure the kids knew that what they did was wrong and we donated the money to our church.  Which they were not too happy about but lesson learned.

I wonder if they could use this as an example of entrepreneurial spirit on their resumes.

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