A Good Time to Clean out the Glove Box

Got pulled over this morning on my way to work.  I mean, I saw the State Trooper sitting there.  I even checked my speed.  My immediate thought process was that there was no way I would be pulled over going 82 in a 70 when everyone else normally traveled around 80 mph.  But nooooooo. As soon as I saw the lights come on and the car pull onto the highway I knew I was toast.

So, using my blinkers appropriately and safely reducing my speed, I calmly prepared for the inevitable.

I pulled over and put on my hazards.  Turned my radio to NPR (you never know) and left my hands on the steering wheel in plain sight like I remember you were supposed to do from some article I read once.

Officer Campbell was very nice.  She introduced herself (I felt like I was supposed to say, “Hello, nice to meet you.  My name is Lori.”).  She told me she pulled me over for speeding and asked if I knew what the speed limit was.

I told her:  “It is posted 70 although the law was changed over two (2) years ago to 75 and I was going 82.”  And then I smiled.

She asked for my license, registration and insurance.

License was no problem.  For some reason, I could not easily locate the other in the messy glove compartment that my husband is always bitching about.  Officer Campbell waited a few minutes and then told me she would be back and I could give it to her then.

I continued to shuffle though the extra straws, napkins, menus, matchbooks and some stupid CD that I swear had been transferred to each new vehicle since 2006.  In fact, she took so long I decided to go ahead and clean out my glovebox.  Threw out all the paper goods, straws and the CD.  Neatly compiled all the maintenance papers into one pile.  Placed my tire gauge and the tire changing apparatus in the bottom.  Took out my registration and insurance card and put it in my purse for when she returned.

I handed both of them to her when she came back.  She looked them over and then said I needed to make sure to get an updated insurance card.  Which surprised me because my husband is a real stickler about insurance.

Officer Campbell just gave me a warning.  That was very kind of her.

Had some time to decide how to let my husband know.  My options were:

  1. Tell him I got pulled over on my way to work. Let him get all pissy and then tell him I only got a warning.
  2. Tell him I got pulled over on my way to work but only got a warning. Thus avoiding the whole pissiness thing.
  3. Tell him I got pulled over on my way to work. Take $200 from bank to “pay for the ticket” and spend it at Walmart.
  4. Tell him I got pulled over on my way to work and need $2,500 bail money because I tried to outrun the cop.

Settled with option 2 (paying being nice forward).  But did bitch that my insurance card had expired in 2017.  What is with that?  He told me he gets the new cards, cuts it out and leaves it on the counter and it is my responsibility to make sure it gets into the proper place.  Obviously something I have been ignoring for over two years.

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