Notes from my Phone

I often use the notes feature on my phone to remind myself of stuff that I might want to blog about later. Here are some of my entries:

Husband level = Expert

I really didn’t feel well last night.  I mean, I was whiny and moaning and saying the f-word and was definitely not a happy camper.  My husband was getting ready for bed and asked if I felt any better.  I rolled over in bed and moaned no.  He then asked if he needed to take me to the emergency department.  I quickly told him no, that it wasn’t that kind of sick.  His response?  Then can you go sleep in the office so I can go to bed?

My daughter and I were discussing relationships.  I told her one of the things that her dad and I did was always be respectful and polite to each other.  “I mean, your father never once called me fat,” was how I put it.  My husband walked in as I was saying that and immediately said, “Who called you fat!?”

Age 15 vs. 25

So my son recently met up with an old girlfriend from high school (it amazes me how he remains friends with all his exes).  I guess she gave him an old diary that she had written after they broke up at age 15.  His quote to me was “Shit you wrote when you are 15 doesn’t age well reading it at age 25.”  He never finished it.

Ford Truck

You are driving a 4X4 Ford truck.  Do you really need to s-l-o-w the hell down to go over the railroad track?

Game of Thrones

I am so glad I never got into the show Game of Thrones.  Because I heard the season finale really sucked.

Text messages on car speaker

I am so sorry I put your text message on speaker while driving in the car with my husband.  In my defense, I had no idea you were texting me about your vagina.





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