Internet Browsing with LWL

Came across this ad for Mobile White, a teeth whiting device:

This device uses an extremely effective whitening gel paired with natural teeth whitening LED light. The great part? The light is powered by your phone! Kick back, connect the gadget to your phone and watch Netflix while Mobile White works its magic.

I’m sorry but I definitely will not be connecting my cell phone to my teeth.

Clockly Alarm Clock on wheels:

The best wake up call ever. Never be late. Clocky (Clockie) the only bedside alarm clock that will run away, hide, roll, wheel, beep, and jump (up to a 3 feet nightstand).

This would definitely work for me.  It takes A LOT to get me out of bed in the mornings.  Saying that, if anyone gets this for me as a gift, I will never speak to you again. Runaway Clock (1)

This woman revealed her baby’s gender through a fart. 

Ginn’s Instagram video starts out innocent enough: Yes, it shows her bottomless, posing on her stomach, but the caption, which just says “Gender Reveal ” doesn’t really hint to anything groundbreaking. The world would be a better place if the video just stopped there, but we aren’t that lucky; Ginn is seen concentrating/bearing down for a minute, only to be shown a few seconds later farting out blue powder. Let me just repeat that for you: She farted out blue powder for her gender reveal.
Gender reveals are annoying enough but this takes it to a whole new level.
Employment ad for a Stone Carver:
Stone Carver/Cutter Confidential
Stone Carver/Cutter Manual dexterity, Knowledge of stone carving techniques, sense of artistry 4 years’ experience carving from marble, limestone and other materials, Skills: plan carving, select appropriate chisels and pneumatic tools and determine sequence of use; cut stone bases; hand-carve limestone moldings according to architectural designs and blueprints to go around mosaic tiles, as a picture frame. Send resume.                                                                                                                                                                                                I bet this ad resulting in a ton of resumes, right?  And why is it confidential?  Is there some special issue regarding stone carving that needs to be confidential?  I wonder if you could lie on your resume and learn it once hired. You know, like when you say you are advanced in Excel. 
Wal-mart Employee of the Month:
Sometimes I feel like I should just read a book and stay off the Internet.


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