Your LWL Christmas Gift Guide

In case you are still looking for Christmas gifts for that special someone, below are some great gifts that you may want to consider:

For that breakfast lovin’ person in your life:

Gift 2

I did throw up a little in my mouth when I saw this one…

For that special cat-lover in your family:

Funny Gift 3

Well, it’s either this or cat litter.

For that environmental-friendly person who drives a Prius:

Funny Gift 7

Metal, reusable straws.  With a cleaner!  Wow! How happy would you be to get a set of these!

For that special person who has everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)

Fun Gift 4 Avocado Huggers

And if they already have these. Well, then  Well Played!

For the game player in your life:

Funny Gift 8.png

Have no idea what the rules are.  I do know for sure that actual kittens are not included.  P.S. If the person who gets this seems really happy about the gift, I would be very careful what you say around them.

For those glitter-loving souls:


I’m not going to lie. I would rather like this as a gift.

For the animal lover in the family:


I have no idea what this would be used for but it does come with a handy “Pocket Guide!”

So there you have it.  There are tons of gift lists out there on the Internet for help in getting presents.  But I bet none of them are as good as mine!

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer:  Poster may or may not receive a nominal cash percentage of all gifts purchased.

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