Tech Support

My daughter is now at a job where she is in charge of everything.  Basically her dream job managing an entire business.  My husband gets to be her 24-hour, online tech support.  I hear him on the phone with her periodically walking her through IT questions.  She sent this email to him last week:

Christina:             Does it look like it has 2 hard drives ?
Let me know if you need more pictures.

Here is my husband’s response:

Yes, it looks as if there are two hard drives. One may be the operating system and the other the data or used as a backup. In the third pic that shows the SATA interface, you can see the other hard drive below it. The other hard drive should have the same interface. Here is a link that I believe will fit:  Amazon link here

The pic below is the adapter on top of the hard drive you sent. You may want to look at the other hard drive interface to make sure it’s the same and then take the one that is out to Best Buy to make sure you get the right connector cable.


I need to remind my daughter that I am still available to review grammar on any letters she needs to write.






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