Coronavirus Conversations (Part 1)

As my husband and I continue to muddle through this difficult time, I have found that our conversations have changed a bit.  We used to talk about work more, news stories and just general life stuff.  Now that we are home together all the time, here are some examples of our conversations.  (There are so many examples, I had to make it two parts).

  • The correct way to boil eggs.  He is wrong so this really was not a discussion.
  • I want to feed the fish, but don’t want any of the responsibilities of keeping its tank clean.
  • Whether we have already seen the newest Dateline.  As an aside, I now know why it’s important that we both keep up to date on the shows we are both watching. It’s like he is having an affair with the DVR when he watches one ahead of me.
  • Ceiling fan speed.  It’s always up too high for me. Not that I ever win this one but I will still complain. And turn it off as soon as he goes to bed.
  • How late is too late to eat ice cream. (like, never?)
  • If a grilled cheese will cure diarrhea.
  •  We got into a discussion because he said my apple juice looks like pee.  I told him his beer looked like carbonated pee.

2020 mood | Forwards From Grandma | Know Your Meme

  • I should not get so excited to use the seal a meal when we buy in bulk.  It’s just that I really like the part when it sucks out air.  Probably one of the few tasks I am happy to do.
  • I try not to spoil his parade when he makes a list of items for a new recipe.  #1, I know it is going to be healthy- which means it will most probably have broccoli in it and #2 I would rather eat ice cream.
  • I argued that if I am going to be stuck at Firestone for over an hour for car maintenance, I should be able to bring my little electric heater and use it while I wait. It is always freezing there.  I told him if it embarrasses him so much he can pretend he does not know me.
  • I know he is correct that I need to get out of bed before noon.  It’s just that I don’t want to.

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