Coronavirus Conversations (Part 2)

I REALLY have to finish Part 2 of this blog because I keep adding new conversations to my phone notes. I never realized how much we had to talk about.

  • I bought an almost dead plant on clearance for 50 cents at Home Depot. I thought it was a good idea at the time. My husband said if I bought it I had to take care of it. He made me replant it into a new container. After that I lost interest and presented him with a forfeit of parental rights letter so he now is responsible for it. I need to remind myself that I kill plants. Good thing I am no longer its parent.
  • My husband bought a propane fire weed killer. FIRE! WEEDS! I was more excited than he was! Then he said I could not use it. I wish he would stop bringing up the ax incident.
  • This is how bored we got:
My husband sent away for a home blood type test

  • Who gets to mow the lawn on the riding lawn mower and who has to weed whack. I hate weed whacking. The last time I did it my husband told me “I have shown you four times how to use it. if you can’t do it correctly you won’t be allowed to use it.” Which was definitely the WRONG thing to say.
  • I’ll watch Lawrence of Arabia if he’ll watch all the Twilight movies.
  • Paper plates. My husband said since it’s just the two of us we no longer need to use paper plates and should just use the normal plates and put them in the dishwasher. I wasn’t on board with this but he was right and after a few weeks I’m okay with this.
  • We bought a new egg cutter/slicer. But then we each would store it in difference places. I said it belonged in the plastics drawer. He said it should be in the kitchen utensils drawer. Since I do the dishes, I win.
  • Do you really have to brush your teeth and maintain good personal hygiene if you wear a mask and have 6 feet of clearance between people?
  • My husband told me not to buy junk food. But then I go shopping hungry. I have now resorted to hiding my candy. Except he knows me and will periodically ask me where I am hiding it when he gets a sweet tooth.
  • Wheat bread vs. white bread (we buy both and throw away half of each)
  • Lettuce vs. other greens. I know he likes baby spinach and arugula. I am a simple iceberg person. So we always have a shit ton of salad base the fridge. And then eat ice cream.

Alas, our time together is now coming to an end as I have to go back to work. But it is nice to know that we can be together every day for 6 months and still talk.

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