LWL Week in Pictures

I have a hanging ball marker in the garage so I know to stop when the ball hits the windshield. I think this would be a “car ball fail.”

I never knew my husband was so set on a certain type of car shade. In the end I agreed to use his stupid square one to end the discussion knowing full well I was going to continue to use my circle one.

I wonder if this little cricket was on top of my car the entire time I was driving to work?

I swear all I did was open the dishwasher and pull the rack out. The entire rack came out and fell onto the floor. I left it like this for my husband to find. And then realized that he hasn’t used the dishwater since 2002 so finally had to show him. But I did wait until he was in a good mood.

Old Girl Scout trick: Buy copper tubing about a thumbsize in width. Cut into foot long pieces. Take pieces of old water hose and cut same length. Put the water hose inside the copper pipe and put into fire. You get tons of pretty fire colors and can re-use the copper pipe over and over again.

This is Ollie, my daughter’s new puppy. I facetime with her so I can see Ollie. I only have a million pictures of him so will share more later. I just hope I have this much interest in my first grandchild (whenever the time comes). I would hate to see the baby and then go, “OK, can I see Ollie now?”

This is Spaulding. My husband and I made him while we were painting. It’s a coconut hull that had a face on it. Now he is a new addition to our deck.

We cleaned out a couple of closets and ended up with this. The scary part was that with the exception of one, my husband knew what every one went to.

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