Go Dodgers!

As you know, my husband is a #1 Dodger fan since forever. I have so many memories about the Dodgers and now I get to add to them: THE DODGERS WON THE 2020 WORLD SERIES!

While my husband was watching the game, I was in the back bedroom watching “Teen Mom 2.” I knew they were doing well by the occasional clapping and “YESSSSS!” sounds coming from the living room. So after it was over and I had a VERY happy husband, I decided to show my support by watching the post game show with him. Of course, this was after the “Dodger Shots” we both took to celebrate using the special “Dodger won the World Series Shot Glass:”

I know my husband disagreed, but I swear the tequila was spoiled. It just didn’t taste right to me. But did it matter? THE DODGERS WON THE WORLD SERIES!

(Special shout out to my sister, Dawn. Who lives in Florida. In Tampa.)

I am especially happy for Clayton Kershaw – for the record, I truly did not know the answer when I asked my husband if you had to be dead in order to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. (GO CLAYTON!)

I told my husband I really should have been more supportive and at least watched the last inning with him instead of asking what the score was every time I walked by on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat. He replied, “Why? You weren’t there in 1988 when they last won.”

“Wow! Did we even know each other back then?”

“We were married.”


At least I get to post this picture of Objet d’art that I recently found while cleaning out the closet:

I was going to throw it away but my husband noticed and was offended. (I had completely forgotten the “You Shall Never Throw Anything Dodger Away” rule). I asked him how old he was when he made it. He thought for a minute and then replied:

“I don’t know, 36? 37?”

Next time, Dodgers, let’s not wait so long. Because he will probably want to make another one of these when he is in his 50’s.

One response to “Go Dodgers!

  1. Loving it!! As much as I love the win, there is nothing better than that win just so I can see how happy it made my brother!😀⚾️⚾️😀

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