LWL Phone Notes (Nov 2020)

I am finding that I am using the note app on my phone more and more often so I don’t forget when something funny happens or I think of something to blog about. Here is the most recent review of my phone:

  • Evidently when you paint you don’t just throw everything away when finished. You are supposed it wash it and use it over again. Boushy me that.
  • My daughter got a new car and I drove it while she visited us a few months back. Her dashboard looked like a 747 cockpit. It also had an app. When I returned home, I was told I exceeded the speed limit twice, did not lock the car when I went inside the store and didn’t need to manually set the wipers; her car would automatically adjust based on the amount of rain. I am getting too old for this shit.
  • My son just bought his first “real laundry basket” at the age of 26. He is growing up so fast!
  • Did you ever have a dream about an old boyfriend and it was so cooly-weird that it made you really think about him for a few days? Then I had another dream where he pissed me off and that ended that. Luckily that would never happen with my husband. He knows he has to apologize to me when he pisses me off in my dreams.
  • Went into Wal-mart and promised my husband I would only buy the three things we needed and would be right back. He actually set the timer on his phone and I returned to the car in 38 minutes. Yeah, like we both didn’t know how that was going to turn out.

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