And another one bites the dust…

It all started out so simply and it really was a matter of health. My daughter was very ill for two days and didn’t want to use her toothbrush in case it would make her sick again. Unfortunately I did not have a spare toothbrush. But what I could do, I told her, was sterilize her current toothbrush so it would be 100% free of germs. So she handed me her toothbrush and went to bed.

I put the toothbrush in a pan and filled it with water and turned the stove on high. I even put the timer on 8 minutes to remember to come back and check it. (You do know where this is going, right?)

Then I remembered I needed to check my email and went into the office. Once I checked my email, I decided to read Dear Abby, ZITS comics and peruse Amazon a bit. And that is when my husband came out of the bedroom and asked me what I was cooking.

Which immediately reminded me that I had TOTALLY forgotten about Christina’s toothbrush. We both went to the kitchen to find the entire area engulfed in smoke. Smelly smoke. Burnt/melted plastic smoke. And there was the poor toothbrush. Totally melted to the bottom of the pan. Even the bristles didn’t make it.

My husband was royally pissed at me (as he should, I am not denying that). He started opening up doors, windows, getting a fan. Even opened the garage door to help. The smoke alarms just wouldn’t stop going off. I finally used a paper fan to shut them up. Christina came out, found out what happened and immediately went back in her bedroom.

I will confess that I did think about getting pictures for my blog during this incident but I was in enough trouble. I can just imagine what Michael would say if I started taking pictures. But here is the final result:

Totally ruined, of course. My husband told me I just ruined a $50 saucepan. I am sure it wasn’t that expensive but I didn’t argue. And it isn’t like this is the first pan I have ruined. When it comes to kitchenware, I would have to guess that it is Lori -17 and Kitchenware – 0. I am still totally winning.

One response to “And another one bites the dust…

  1. I went through several (really beautiful) 😞) kettles myself before that light bulb moment and bought myself an electric kettle.
    Perhaps you could set the alarm on your phone next time, or ask your husband to do the job😉

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