Welcome 2021! Would you like a beer?

I am soooooooo happy 2020 is over! Definitely up there as one of the worst years ever. I know I am not alone and I certainly hope others fared much better. In fact, I did appreciate my son telling me that he passed his one year probation at work so it was a good year for him.

I texted everyone Happy New Year. Realized both my kids are in different time zones than us. I hope they appreciated the effort.

So here is a bit of Holiday Cheer:

  • Finally consolidated three boxes of Christmas stuff into one. Hope my kids won’t miss any of the stuff they made me when they were little.
  • My husband got us both a new electric Sonic toothbrush. I didn’t appreciate the note on top that said: “Do not fry, bake or boil.”
  • I don’t care what anyone says. When you see the word “Squishy,” you are going to touch it.
  • My husband got this t-shirt for Christmas. He said he was going to wear it every day and just point to it when needed. (BTW Mandalorin is a great show on Disney Plus).
  • You can tell at what point I became tired of wrapping gifts…
  • Got one of those snack gifts from my sister. The chocolate ones are the best.
  • Forgot to get my husband a knit beanie cap for Christmas:

Wishing everyone a blessed and bountiful New Year. If you could wish for me to win the lottery, it would be greatly appreciated.

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