My Foodie Post

Haven’t bitched, I mean, complained about food lately. If you have stumbled upon this post on accident, well. Sorry. I mean, I won’t ever tell my husband we will be having Grilled Quail with Mango and Arugula for dinner.

BUT I will tell him today’s special will be a slab of pre-cooked ham, macaroni and cheese from the well-known Kraft Box and canned green beans (I would have said French Style green beans from a can but I didn’t want to sound too pompous). Topped off with a large glass of pasteurized, red top milk (No one really likes the blue top):

This meal has been a household staple for years. I once substituted corn for the green beans and both kids complained about it

Then again, I am also not opposed to take out food. For instance:

I will be having a roast beef sub from Jimmy John’s; broccoli cheese soup from Quiznos; sweet tea from McDonald’s and for dessert – Cinnamon twists from Taco Bell. Yes, I went to all these drive-thru’s for this lunch. And I am not ashamed to admit I will do it again. This is really handy when I ask my husband what he wants for lunch and he asks me where I am going.

Which leads me to this conversation between me and my daughter:

Finally, I will end with this note. My work has a snack area. I walked in yesterday and found this for .25 cents:

I am a sunflower seed junkie. But ONLY David and Son’s JUMBO seeds. And these days I have to go to a special store to find them. I think this is a sign that this new job is going to work out really, really well.

Stay tuned. Next time I will be offering my favorite Campbell Soup casserole recipes!

One response to “My Foodie Post

  1. Same on the sunflower seed, but could never go to that many places to get lunch. Hope your all doing well

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