LWL Musings #4

My daughter is getting married this year. My son made the suggestion that she should have an adult bouncy castle at the wedding reception. I thought it was a good joke until I actually saw one in a YouTube video. No one had better let my son know.

Why is there an office rollie chair in my work elevator?

Sometimes I walk by our roomba vacuum tell it “Good Job!” because everyone needs positive reinforcement. (We named ours Agador because naming your roomba is required upon purchase).

I asked my husband what time it was when I woke up and he told me 10:30. I thought, Wow! I am getting up early for a Saturday. And then I realized it was 10:30 pm. (Those who know me realize this can totally happen). I literally got up, took a shower and put clean pajamas on.

I am so tired of trying to match the end of dip with the end of the chips. This has been going on for over a month now. When I am out of one, I have too much of the other so have to go buy more and it is just a vicious cycle. But it is chips and dip. I’m okay doing this at least until summer.

I just realized I might be high maintenance.

Sad to say that my husband and I have recently stooped to the level of arguing over who uses the most toilet paper for conversation during the quarantine.

And, finally:

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