My annual Valentine’s Day Blog

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for me and my husband. We got engaged on Valentine’s Day sometime in the 1980’s. Over the phone. I recorded the call (because I knew it was coming, of course) and I probably have the cassette tape somewhere. But I have never listened to it. I always thought we would listen to it on a special anniversary but never did. What I remember though is that after he asked me and I said yes, I asked him “when?” and he got all flustered and said he hadn’t even thought about that. The poor guy was just trying to make it through the proposal.

I married into my husband’s Golden Retriever, Star. She was the most special dog I have ever met. And she was so smart! She could give you “a look” and you would know exactly what she was saying or asking you. After we were married for a few months, Star decided to let me know who was REALLY in charge. The two of us were in the yard and Star started walking away from me down the short dirt road by the house. I saw her and said, “Star! Get back here right now!” Star stopped, turned her head around, looked at me and said, “I don’t have to listen to you, you are just another girl that is staying with us and I’ll be around long after you are gone.” I swear she did this. So I got all pissed off, ran down the road, grabbed her collar and dragged her butt back to the house while lecturing her the entire time about what Marriage means and I bet none of those “other girls” ever gave her a bath or cleaned her stupid ears. And after that episode, we had a great relationship. Even my husband commented on how much better we were getting along. It was the end of the jealous girlfriend phase. Between a wife and a dog.

So this Valentine’s Day our gift to each other is a new Golden Retriever puppy. We get to pick her up the last week of March. We are so excited. We have been pet-less for 9 months now. When you get all your pets at a young age together, you may end up with them all leaving together. Which is what happened to us. We lost Casey, Boca and Abbey all within 18 months of each other. Heartbroken but happy knowing that they all had a great life with us. We will never forgot such unique and funny pets. And they are all featured in the blog over the years for our memories.

Believe it or not, I am actually ready for Valentine’s Day this year. I found some Valentine Day cards that were 80% off so grabbed one. Not hugely sentimental or anything but cost $.78 which is HUGELY sentimental to me. And I got my husband a Yeti beer coolie thing. (Okay, so I got mine first and then felt guilty but it’s the end that really matters). But then my husband told me he was making me a special dinner for Valentine’s Day and said that was “all I would get.” I snickered and said, “Yeah, where is my card and box of Turtles?” He told me not this year.

So I am not sure if all my bitching about Valentine’s Day past has finally caught up with me and he decided to just quit. Or if he really means it. Just to be safe, I went out and bought a box of Turtles for me from him. I’ll let you know if I was lucky and got two boxes this year.

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