We Left Ohio for a Reason…

I know many others have had it worst and I do appreciate that. What I don’t appreciate is getting over a foot of snow when usually we get NONE during the winter. Okay so at first it was neat and pretty but once it got down to 3 degrees, I was over it. Even our heater gave us a message about needing auxiliary power or something. I just kept my little heater with me everywhere I went. And my contribution for firewood wasn’t appreciated. I reminded my husband that I had asked and asked to use the axe but nooooo. So my fireplace responsibility came down to this:

This is how our yard looked:

We were snowed in for 5 days. Both cars died in the garage. They just said f**k you when we would not let them in the house where it was warmer. Once the snow was done, we had to clear the driveway to get out:

Which sucked in itself. First of all of course we did not have the proper snow shoveling utensils. So we made due with a flat shovel, a tile remover and a broom.

We even resorted to fire. But it didn’t work. (The premise was good, right?)

I guess we will always remember the great snow storm of 2021. Beat all records in the state. But I swear if it happens again, I am moving in with my sister, who was so considerate to have her daughter send me her Florida temperature (because I told her if she sent it I would block her) . Damn relatives.

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