My World :)

Welcome to Laff With Lori blog!  My name is (wait for it….wait for it…) Lori and I am the official author of this blog.  And I can’t tell you how excited I am that I actually get to sit here and blog a whole bunch of stories about my life and random funny thoughts (and okay, there will be some whining along the way) and you get to read it.  This blog has been a long time coming and I will be the first to admit that when I hired the “Webmaster” from the Las Vegas Craigslist I probably should have asked him for a sample website in advance.  Or at least had a discussion on the type of blog this would be.  So let’s just confirm right now that there will be absolutely no nudity, okay?  I was too embarrassed to even discuss getting my money back.  Lesson learned.

I have been writing for a very long time.  Mostly just family Christmas letters but not like the usual Christmas letters.  You know – the ones that go on and on about how great everything is.  That is so not me.   For example, last year I  included a picture of our new house – but only of the swimming pool that was totally wrecked and the $1,134.00 worth of wood and wire that the bank paid someone to place over it to avoid any potential liability.  (I can’t tell you how pissed off our cat was once we filled it up with water and he lost his prime hunting ground).  And the year before that I was honest enough to admit that I liked my pets better than my children.  Many people have asked that I write more often instead of a once a year letter, so I have taken that first step and now you will get to read my blog once per week!

I have lived all over the place, raised in Michigan, a long time in Florida, Kentucky, Las Vegas and currently in Ohio.  I am married with two teenagers and can guarantee that I will NEVER experience “Empty Nest Syndrome.”  More like, “My God will they ever leave home syndrome.”  I also have two pets – an adorable Yorkie named Casey (which really belongs to my daughter but since she has such a social life I guess I am the default mom) and a cat named Boca that weighs 18 pounds.  Not fat, just big.  He is an inside/outside cat and constantly bullies little Casey who is only about 7 pounds.  And the cat brings critters into the house through the pet door.  Which I don’t like either but after weighing it against having to clean a litter box every day; well, I decided it was better to clean up after the cat instead.  Which means I tell my son:   “Michael, there is a dead mouse downstairs – go clean it up!”

My mother once told me that I had a gift of being able to write a 10 page letter and say absolutely nothing of value in it other than entertaining her and dad.   I am taking that as a compliment.


One response to “My World :)

  1. Hey, Lori! It’s Marsha (Cooper) Chwalik — Eddie Chwalik’s wife. Just found out about your blog through a post on Debbie Olejarski’s Facebook page. You are a great writer! “Funny” doesn’t always come easily, but your stuff had me laughing out loud!

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