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Your LWL Christmas Gift Guide

In case you are still looking for Christmas gifts for that special someone, below are some great gifts that you may want to consider:

For that breakfast lovin’ person in your life:

Gift 2

I did throw up a little in my mouth when I saw this one…

For that special cat-lover in your family:

Funny Gift 3

Well, it’s either this or cat litter.

For that environmental-friendly person who drives a Prius:

Funny Gift 7

Metal, reusable straws.  With a cleaner!  Wow! How happy would you be to get a set of these!

For that special person who has everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)

Fun Gift 4 Avocado Huggers

And if they already have these. Well, then  Well Played!

For the game player in your life:

Funny Gift 8.png

Have no idea what the rules are.  I do know for sure that actual kittens are not included.  P.S. If the person who gets this seems really happy about the gift, I would be very careful what you say around them.

For those glitter-loving souls:


I’m not going to lie. I would rather like this as a gift.

For the animal lover in the family:


I have no idea what this would be used for but it does come with a handy “Pocket Guide!”

So there you have it.  There are tons of gift lists out there on the Internet for help in getting presents.  But I bet none of them are as good as mine!

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer:  Poster may or may not receive a nominal cash percentage of all gifts purchased.

Christmas Package

When you have a family member in the Navy and want them to know how much you care:

Ryan Pkg

Our Thanksgiving Dinner

For the record, I did tell everyone:  I am not a good cook during the year so you should not expect anything different on Thanksgiving Day.  My husband was in charge of smoking the ham.  And I was in charge of everything else.

We have the exact same holiday dinner menu for both Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Ham, Mashed Potatoes and gravy, dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, dinner rolls and apple pie.  The same. Every year.

Except this year, my husband INSISTED on using fresh green beans for the green bean casserole. I told him no, my kids told him no – but we didn’t win.  So we had fresh green beans. I got to hear Christina complain for the entire 30 minutes it took her to cut them up.  And yes, I totally agreed with her that opening up two cans of Del Monte Green Beans would have been so much easier. The problem is that my husband assumed way too much.  So we just took the freshly cut green beans and mixed them with the rest of the stuff and stuck it in the oven for 30 minutes.  Which resulted in a green bean casserole with hard, uncooked beans.  I will reiterate that I said it was a bad idea.  (and my son insisted on a do over the next day).  Even though I now know we are supposed to COOK the green beans first I am not doing that again.

The mashed potatoes were gummy.  My son didn’t know what gummy really meant until he put the spoon in the potatoes and the whole thing literally came out of the bowl. Now he has a real life experience of what gummy potatoes are. (For the record, this is one of two times per year that I actually peel real potatoes).

I usually use Stove Top Stuffing.  This year someone at work raved about how good Kroger brand dressing was.  So I made my poor husband scout the store for 3 hours until he found some frozen cornbread stuffing. I should have read the instructions in advance. I know Stove Top is done in 5 minutes; had no idea the frozen kind took over an hour.  Which meant it was ready to eat 45 minutes after we finished eating our meal.

Have to remember that when you put the marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes and put the oven on Broil – you need to keep an eye on it the whole time.  Not a good idea to do that and then walk away.  I knew this – I was just so upset that my damn green beans were raw that I was distracted.

The gravy from a jar and dinner rolls from Sara Lee were perfect.  And Marie Callender made a great apple pie, as usual.

The ham was great and even the pets had some for their dinner.  It did make everyone pretty thirsty.  Abbey had to wait for Boca to finish drinking.  I did tell Boca to hurry but he just looked at me and still took his sweet time. Abbey just patiently waited and waited and kept looking at me to do something. She should know by now that even I am scared of the cat.

Abbey water

Happy Easter!

Every year I have this same discussion with my daughter.  She believes there is no “end date” when it comes to getting an Easter basket full of candy.  I quit making Easter baskets for the kids when they were out of high school.  My daughter even used the religion card and told me that “Candy was God’s gift to all His believers.” Okay, so that semi-worked.  I was guilted enough to get a plastic mixing bowl full of candy for everyone to share.

But that isn’t what Christina wanted.  She wanted a basket of her own.  And a stuffed animal and a chocolate bunny.  I firmly told her if God wanted her to have that, He would have told me and I simply had not gotten that message.

We had a silent truce until I bought a tonage of Easter candy last week.  Christina thought she had won and was all smiles. Until it disappeared the next day when I took it to work for my staff.  My department had decided to get together and make little Easter baskets for everyone and share bringing in candy. You would have thought I was the most unloving, unreligious, worst parent in the world that I would do that for work staff and not for my kids.

I gave in when I found this awesome Easter basket at the grocery store. Filled it with 99 cent Easter grass and candy.  Even remembered the 79 cent chocolate bunny/chicken.  My husband hid all the good candy.  At least we are done with this issue.  Until Christmas when I get to go through this all over again with the stocking that I quit filling with candy 8 years ago.Easter

Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother’s Day Card:

I’m not a Stripper.

I’m not in Prison.

Good Work, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day

Instead, I decided to go to college.  You’re welcome, Your favorite daughter

Goes along with text messages:

Me: I want chocolate covered strawberries for Mother’s Day.

Daughter: Okay I’ll let dad know…

Son: Can I borrow $20 bucks?

So both my son and my daughter/husband got me chocolate covered strawberries.  One was from Kroger; the other from Edible Arrangements.  Side by side taste testing results:  KROGER!  Their strawberries were sweeter and I am sure they were a lot less expensive.

To all those mother’s out there – keep rocking it out. Enjoy the babies, try to get some sleep, ignore the not-important stuff as they get older, at least try to enjoy some of their music and keep loving them no matter what.  After all, that is what mom’s do!

Happy Mother’s Day!