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Garage Sale Fail

Everybody knows that when you move, you have a massive garage sale to get rid of all your unwanted items; i.e. junk. And you do this because you certainly do not want to expend energy and money in moving a bunch of stuff that you have accumulated over the years and know you are not going to ever need or use.
So I had a HUGE garage sale with a ton of stuff. I am talking 8 suitcases, books, tote bags, arts and craft supplies, computer and electronic items, holiday decorations, linens, various knickknacks, shoes, A TON of clothes (which never sell) and odds and ends such as a small desk, dresser, ladder, various garage stuff, a broken lawn mower (I did have the part), metal shelving, snow removal items (Thank heavens we are NEVER going to need THOSE again!) and a stove that worked perfect but we replaced with a new stainless steel one to match the rest of the appliances in the kitchen.

Junk. It's Just All Junk.

Junk. It’s Just All Junk.

So here I was, having a garage sale in rural Ohio. My garage sale notice was posted on Craigslist with lots of pictures. And I am a master at the sign game. I had my fluorescent green poster signs with big black arrows made well in advance and put out the night before my sale at all the pertinent corners. I moved all the cars onto the grass so there was lots of room for customers in our driveway. I put balloons out by the road in front of the house. And then I waited. And waited. My first customers were my neighbor’s kids. I gave them everything they wanted for free. I don’t think their mom appreciated it; if I remember correctly she told me they had enough stuff and didn’t need any more. But all that meant to me was that I had to be more sneaky as I gave her boys stuff to take home in secret.
And I had the talkers who wanted to visit more than buy. I had the guy who wanted the huge discount and while he thought he was a master negotiator, I knew that I would have given him all that stuff for free. The goal wasn’t to make money; it was to just glad to get rid of stuff.

More Junk.

More Junk.

One lady picked up a purse and then put it back down
“You can’t do that.” I told her “Once you touch it, you have to take it for free. It’s a rule.” It worked. One more item gone.
At the end of the first day while I felt like it went pretty good, I didn’t really see much of a dent in the number of items left. I half-heartedly covered up what was left with some tarps and went inside. I pretty much left everything out hoping someone would come by and steal it all in the middle of the night. But we weren’t in Las Vegas anymore where they routinely steal from garage sales (true story). In rural Ohio everyone is pretty honest.
Toward the end of the second day of the sale, another neighbor asked if he could take the good stuff that was left to sell at his future garage sale. “Absolutely,” I told him. “Feel free to take it all.” (He just took some suitcases – not much help to me at all. Wait. Does that mean the rest of my stuff is not good?)

I mean, who really ever needs this many suitcases?

I mean, who really ever needs this many suitcases?

In the end I made maybe $100. I called the Veteran’s Association who sent a truck and gladly hauled all the rest of my stuff away giving me that special form for my taxes.

I was so glad that was over and really felt like I had accomplished quite a bit for the weekend. I never did show my husband the for sale sign I made for his car.  This is what happens when you are bored and don’t have many garage sale customers.  Neither of my kids thought it was a good idea.  Well, except for Casey. I am pretty sure he thought it was funny.

2013 Fully Blacked out Camaro for sale - CHEAP!

2013 Fully Blacked out Camaro for sale – CHEAP!

Is there an app for the laundromat?

I mentioned earlier that my son moved back home.  And I simply could not deal with all the clothes.  So they were gathered up into empty totes, garbage bags and laundry baskets and taken to the local laundromat so I could wash them in one fell swoop and be done with it.

Haven’t been to a laundromat in a while.  Didn’t know you could now swipe a credit card for the $6.25 machines.  Sure would have been nice to know that BEFORE I got $50 worth of quarters that I had to manually push into each machine one at a time.

I  followed the instructions but why did my washing machine not have all that sudsy whiteness in the manhole like the others?  And why weren’t my clothes moving at all?  Guess I filled them too full and used too little detergent.  Okay, so let’s just double the price and wash it all a second time using more machines with half a bottle of soap.  On a positive note, I just swiped my card the second time.

(Which reminds me of a story.  When my daughter was 8 or 9 we went to the laundromat.  I overfilled a machine with detergent and the machine started spewing soap suds all over the floor.  I finally had to go get the attendant and tried to blame it on Christina but she was quick to tell the attendant that her mom had put in the detergent, not her so I had no excuse. Just a note because this story came up YET ONCE AGAIN this weekend.  Geez.  Some things your kids just won’t ever let go, right?)

And then there was this other lady who was also washing clothes.  She had the misfortune of using both the washers and dryers next to mine.  Which meant the entire afternoon I kept trying to take her clothes.  She was nice about it but seriously, she had to be thinking:  “How in the hell can I not know which clothes are mine?”  Well, because none of them were mine and I didn’t recognize them.  Besides they were all black.  Well, except for the pink bra.  But I am again steadfastly sticking to my story that it isn’t my son’s.

When I got home with the clothes all clean and nicely folded, my son said it felt like Christmas as he found his Sublime hoodie and “flip-flop Philadelphia” t-shirt.  (No understanding of either reference; nor did I care).

And yes, I did throw out various items.  Didn’t like the saying on the front of the t-shirt, somehow it got lost.  Couldn’t fold the fitted sheet?  Didn’t need it anyway.  Reminder to self:  purchase black socks and a new laundry basket.

I just hope it is another few years before I have to go back.  Maybe by then they will have an app for washing clothes.