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Waiting on an Egg McMuffin

I love going through McDonald’s drive thru and getting my $1.00 large drink.  I am especially happy when I reach the pay window and some really smart McDonald’s worker has my drink ready so I don’t have to drive to the second window.  That is definitely some forward thinking for a fast food employee!  Those are probably the ones who get promoted to Pizza Hut.

Lately I have been on an Egg McMuffin kick.  But when I order it at 7:00 pm, they never have one ready to go.  Which, if one thinks about it, is probably a good thing, right?

So today I jump in the first drive thru lane and wait my turn.  And wait.  And wait a bit more.  You know, I think there is a fast food conspiracy going on lately.  What happens is that it is your turn and you roll up to the order speaker.  And wait.  No one says in a sweet chipper voice: “Welcome to McDonald’s!  May I take your order please?”

No, you don’t get that because all the fast food workers have banded together and said “Hey! Let’s wait and see how long a customer will sit and wait before telling us their order.” (The stupid part was implied, of course)

I don’t wait very long. Probably 3 nano-seconds. And then I’m all “HELLO!”  I guess that is all it takes to make them behave again.   As an aside, did you know that the way they can tell which car has which order is because a picture of your car shows up on the screen with your order?  I didn’t either!  So how cool would it be to get about 10 blue Rav4 Toyota SUV’s and everyone line up at the drive thru at the same time and have the exact same order with a couple of variations?  I mean, who doesn’t like messing with fast food workers, right?

At any rate, I order my drink and Egg McMuffin and invariably I am told I have to go park in DRIVE THRU SPACE #1 and they will bring out my Egg McMuffin. I am rather glad about that because at least you know you will be getting a freshly made one.

egg mcmuffin

So I park in my designated special fast food parking spot and sip on my drink.  And wait.  And wait.  Still waiting.  Finally, after one Katy and 2 Beiber songs, I am starting to get a bit pissed.  Time to take action.

I pick up my phone: “McDonald’s near me.” Up pops a McDonald’s – and it’s 11 feet away!  So I dial.  When my cheery fast food worker answers the phone, I calmly and politely ask if she has forgotten the car in drive thru spot #1 waiting on an Egg McMuffin.  There is a pause and then I hear this whole conversation in the background:

“I already gave it to her.”

“Well, she says she never got it and has been waiting  a long time.”

“I swear I did it.”

“Wait, did you give it to the other car in spot 2?”

“Well, maybe.  Probably.”

Suddenly remembering I was still on the phone, I get an apology and told my order will be out ASAP.

So I finally got my Egg McMuffin. And I wasn’t even pissy to the little girl who brought it to me (and I got a refund as well – totally didn’t expect that).  I told the girl to please keep an eye on the cars in Drive thru spots 1, 2 & 3. If any car is there longer than 3 minutes, she should follow up on their order.

And maybe, just maybe she can work at Pizza Hut one day.

The Fast Food Experience

I recently went through a Hot Head Burrito drive thru to pick up lunch for kids.  (For the record I did not get lunch from Hot Head Burrito;  I went to Wendy’s for a salad.  And if they do not immediately bring back the fat free raspberry dressing I am going to write a strongly worded letter to their corporate office)

As I pulled up to their drive through speaker, it took them forever to acknowledge me.  When the male teenage voice (his name was Matt) finally came on, there were some obvious issues based on the background noise and grunting. I don’t think I have ever had so much conversation with a drive thru worker:

Matt the Drive-Thru Guy (MTDTG):  Sorry for all the noise, I am trying to adjust my headset.  You can go ahead and order but I am not going to be able to hear you so you might want to wait until I can hear you so you won’t have to repeat your order.
Me:  (waiting, waiting, waiting)
MTDTG:  OKAY!  I am all set – what can I get you?
Me: I need two burritos the same way.  Both will be chicken..
MTDTG:  Let me do these one a time.  That way I can be sure they won’t be messed up.  (Rustling noise).  Just have to open up a new package of tortillas. 
Me:  Are you ready now?
MTDTG:  Yep!  Go ahead with your first order
Me:  I need a chicken burrito with rice, beans, cheese and lettuce
MTDTG:  Is that a chicken burrito?
Me (Thinking to myself):  I swear I am going to need some Valium to finish this order…
Me:  Yes, chicken.  With rice…
MTDTG:  What kind of rice? 
Me:  I don’t care – I am reading directly from the text message from my son for his order.
MTDTG:  Okay, I’ll go with white rice.
Me:  Beans…
MTDTG:  What kind of beans?
Me:  Surprise me.  Again, no detail from the text.  Cheese…
MTDTG:  What kind of cheese?
Me: Every kind; I really don’t care and am quickly losing interest in talking to you.
MTDTG:  Okay. Do you want sour cream or jalapeno?
(Now, at this point I do realize that my son absolutely DESPISES sour cream, but the thought does cross my mind that he would deserve to take a big bite of his burrito and have sour cream come oozing out but I just can’t.  Only because I know it would be a waste of money)
Me: Nope all set.  Then make a second burrito the same way.
MTDTG:  Exactly the same?
Me:  Yes (what part did he not understand?)
MTDTG:  Okay, drive on up and I’ll get to work on your order.

So, now completely exhausted, I finally drive off with my way overpriced burritos and drinks.  The drive thru at Starbucks had better not be busy.