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I can watch that show in 6 minutes

I’ll admit it – I am becoming way too dependent on recording shows and then watching them at a later time.   Okay, binge-watch them at a later time.  It is not unusual for me to stay up until 3 am on a weekend trying to get all caught up on the shows I have recorded.  I think this is messing with my dog’s sense of time since she has my same sleep schedule. I love how she can stay in bed with me until noon or later.  She is so great.

I just figured out that I can record only the new shows and not have the TV record all the re-runs that I have already seen.  I was pretty sure it could be done, it just seemed too hard to figure out and unless my husband is going to be my TV tech advisor, well I’ll just keep deleting the re-runs.  That is until we get to less than 10% of free space left to record.  Then I know it is going to be a matter of time before we have THAT discussion again. (And I still have no idea how the documentary on Lynard Skynard got deleted).

But what I have gotten really, really good at is speed watching my TV shows.  I can watch Flea Market Flip in less than 6 minutes.  I fast forward to the initial search of items, then forward to the sale at the end and then skip to the very end to see who won.  Done!  I can watch a dozen of these shows in an hour.

I do the same thing with House Hunters. All I want to see is what they do for a living, how much they can spend and watch the three options. Then I forward to the end to see if I am right on which one they pick.  BTW, I never seem to get it right but that is part of the fun.  And yes, I know the whole thing is a scam, but I like it anyway.

I don’t know how anyone can watch AGT or So You Think you can Dance or Master Chef and put up with all those commercials. Like tonight.  We watched AGT that we recorded yesterday and finished up just in time to watch the results show tonight.  I mean, we have this down to use the least amount of time possible.  (And as a bonus we get to skip past the stupid acts but we both have to be in agreement to make it fair).

There are certain shows that I like that my husband would never watch.  I have tried and tried to cajole him into watching them and know I will never win. So I get to watch Out-Daughtered, Kids Baking Championship and Judge Judy on my own.  I remember how mad my daughter was when I binge watched 10 Judge Judy shows and then deleted them before she had a chance to watch.  She will swear to this day that she has learned everything she needs to know about a contract by watching Judge Judy.

My next step is start watching Netflicks.  Because it would be so much easier.  Except we don’t have Netflicks. So I have to use my daughter’s account. I have to figure that one day she is going to kick me off of it.  When she asks I always blame her brother.  And tell her it couldn’t be me because I was watching Judge Judy.

And the Oscar goes to

My Family Oscar Awards

If my family had an annual Oscar Night Show, the following awards would be presented:

And the award goes to my husband, Michael:

  • Loudest use of surround sound in the smallest living room ever.  (Even the cat is freaked out)
  • Largest number of remote controls to manage all the various electrical pieces of equipment relating to the TV, DVD, Cable box and other sundry technical devices. And the lack of needed training to understand which remote goes to which piece of equipment when all I want to do is watch “Big Bang Theory.” (And it doesn’t necessarily have to be in surround sound).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Best car backer up without ever hitting anything.

And the award goes to me:

  • Worst memory of family history so everything is always new and I never really learn any important lessons.  Except the ones that were associated with pain; I do remember those.
  • Turning every dog I own into an instant sleep machine.  (I don’t know if dog’s really need 12 hours of sleep on the weekends, but mine simply will not get out of bed until I do).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Worst car backer up – without ever hitting anything. (And driving on the lawn does not count)

And the award goes to my daughter, Christina:

  • Best sharer of U-Tube videos that are incredibly funny (see link here).
  • Best whiner about having to drive in inclement weather.  And usually wins the argument to drive my all wheel vehicle instead of her car.  Or calls in to work so she doesn’t have to drive at all. 
  • Worst ever dog trainer.  Ever.  Christina did acknowledge that she has learned from her mistakes and will do better once she has kids.

And the award goes to my son, Michael:

  • Best imaginative chef award.  While the creative recipe is usually not that great, we definitely appreciate the effort.  (If he would only channel that into making Hamburger Helper once a week, I would be in heaven).Hamburg Helper
  • Best stealer of family technology – When we get the notice that we have used up 95% of our data plan, he immediately gets cut off. Always.
  • Worse car backer up – who has caused actual damage to my rear bumper.