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LWL Musings #62

I gave my son my department store credit card to go buy some clothes.  All I can say is I am thankful he has a girlfriend.  Because when the receipt was auto emailed to me, the first item listed was “Lacy Thong” for $12.99 ($6.00 on clearance). Obviously a little tidbit of information that he didn’t know about.

Because I have a long commute I get to bitch.  I can’t understand how  there can be three lanes and all traffic blocked for miles.  On my way home today I just wasn’t in the mood.  So I frogged the entire 22 miles going home at 80 mph. And I was totally okay if I got a speeding ticket. But I would be damned sure that the notation “Consistently used blinkers for all lane changes” was printed on it.

Don’t you hate it when where you go to get groceries is dependent upon what you are wearing?  Crappy clothes = Walmart.  Nice clothes like after work you go to Publix or Kroger. Sometimes I think I would rather pay more at a nicer store than fight the people of Walmart.

We tried the family vacation at the FL Keys. Yeah, just didn’t work for me.  I did dishes, took out trash and ran to the bait store as the designated driver way to much.  My husband and I have scheduled a FL Keys do-over.  We are old. We get to do that.

Pool next to Beach was pretty awesome, though:


Me at Starbucks drive-thru:

“I’d like the Unicorn Frappuccino”
          “We no longer have those”
“Can I have a Mermaid Frappuccino?”
          “No, those are over too”
“Do you have an Ice Cream Frappuccino with pink glitter?”
          “Ah, no.”
“How about a descending blue color Frappuccino?”
          “No.” (Clearly my intercom guy was done with this game but there was no one behind me in the drive thru so I HAD to do one more…)
“How about a That’s What She Said Frappuccino?”

Alas, I got my usual.  But I tried.  If he would have just asked for ingredients I swear I would have made something up that included vanilla, chia tea, caramel, glitter sprinkles and extra whipped cream with nutmeg on top.

LWL Musings…

  • Someone brought in cupcakes to work.  There are a lot of them.  Would it be bad of me to take 4, lick all the icing off the top and throw the cake part away?
  • I am so tired of hearing my husband complain about my spending $3.85 for a Starbucks drink. (Damn online banking).  So I fixed that today. I went in and purchased a $100 Starbucks gift card.  Now I will only get one great big complaint.
  • The absolutely best job in the world must be the folks who get to design the Google name every day at google.com.
  • I had to go to Wal-Mart last week and there were only three checkout lanes open. (I just wasn’t in a self checkout kind of mood).  I spotted a young girl wearing a blue vest walking toward me.  Using my most “boss-like” voice and still wearing my professional work clothes, I immediately walked up to her and said, “Overtime is approved.  Go ahead and open checkout lane number 7.”  And I was THIS CLOSE to it working.  But she said she had to go check with her boss first.  DAMN!
  • Let me explain:  If my husband is going to expect me to sit through a 2 hour, 45 minute Batman Movie, then he is going to have to listen to me sing the batman song about 12 times before it starts:

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da – BATMAN!